4 podcasts we love,
and you might too.

Ro Mukerjea

Ro Mukerjea

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No matter where you are in your podcast journey, a little bit of inspiration never goes astray. Here are 4 of our favourite podcasts that we hope you might enjoy too. Covering news, sports, music and business, hopefully there’s something you can take inspiration from.

1. Plain English

Plain English with Derek Thompson breaks down news stories in a way that’s easy to understand and engaging. It’s concise, clear, well edited and researched, and you’ll come away from it feeling more knowledgeable.

Derek’s renowned journalistic chops means he tackles some really interesting topics in insightful and well thought out ways.

  • Format: Interview
  • Frequency: 2 episodes weekly

2. How I Built This

How I Built This is hosted by the prolific Guy Raz and is exactly what it says on the tin – a podcast that tells the stories of how well-known companies were built. Guy drives the narrative, and his inquisitive, friendly tone allows him to go a level or two deeper.

Each episode traverses early beginnings, failures, big breaks and problem solving, from companies like Tripadvisor, PayPal, Aussie unicorn Canva and many more.

  • Format: Interview with narration
  • Frequency: 2 episodes weekly

3. The Ryen Russillo Podcast

Ryen Russillo talks about sports with one of the best voices in the podcast game. His words sound like smooth velvet on our eardrums. And his life advice segment is one of the most fun segments in podcast history.

Part of The Ringer network (like Plain English), this is a great listen for any sports fans. 

  • Format: Monologue and conversation
  • Frequency: 1 episode weekly

4. Song Exploder

The story behind the making of a song, directly from the artists, songwriters and producers responsible. You get to hear insights, song stems, demos and early incarnations.

It’s recorded, constructed and edited well, with the guests in the driver’s seat and host Hrishikesh Hirway chiming in when required.

It’s even been adapted into a Netflix show of the same name.

  • Format: Narration/commentary
  • Frequency: Fortnightly

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