Who are we?

We’re a content agency that keeps things simple.
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Because, too often, the creative world can feel like it’s being made complicated just for the sake of it.

Three men of Posterboy Media keeping it real in the creative world

It can feel shrouded in mystery, with too many processes and too much jargon that goes along with it.

At Posterboy Media, we believe in making things as easy as possible when you work with us. We’re about helping you create a connection with your audience, something that goes beyond just an online presence.

It’s about creating an experience that’s real.

Creating an experience that’s honest, and that tells your story, your way. We’re content makers. Image creators. Digital strategists who love bringing your stories to life.

So get to know more about us, what we do and why we’re considered one of Melbourne’s best content agencies.

Our team of creatives is lead by.

Meet Hayden Bevis our Creative Director of Posterboy Media

Hayden Bevis [Creative Director]

Hayden is a strategic creative and passionate filmmaker.

  • Port Shorts Film Festival — Winner
  • 48 Hour Film Festival — Winner
Meet Ro Mukerjea our Managing Director of Posterboy Media

Ro Mukerjea [Managing Director]

Ro is a creative strategist and a passionate music producer.

  • Bachelor of Business (Marketing Communications)
  • ARIA Award nominee
Tom Morton is Producer at Posterboy Media

Tom Morton [Producer]

Tom is a passionate content producer and aspiring science communicator.

  • Channel 10’s Play of the Day (July 2015)

RJ Baculo [Video Editor]

Ronald is an award-winning video editor and an advocate for mental health.

  • Bachelor of Design (Multimedia Design)
Asanka Brendon Ratnayake is a photographer with Posterboy Media

Asanka Brendon Ratnayake [Photographer]

Asanka is an accomplished photographer and a less accomplished golfer.

  • Work published through The New York Times, AP, Getty, Reuters, ESPN, Al Jazeera and more.
Asanka Brendon Ratnayake is a photographer with Posterboy Media

James Walker [Copywriter]

James is a creative copywriter that helps you sound like you, through concise, human copy.

  • Bachelor of Communications
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Public Relations