It shouldn’t be this difficult to be great at social media

Here’s the thing.

You know that your social media presence matters.

You know you need to post quality content.

But hitting the mark between quality content, an authentic presence, and spending the right amount of time on your socials is the tricky bit.

Posterboy Media is a content marketing agency that can take care of your social media and digital marketing campaigns for you.

We plan, create, and manage the full suite of content for your socials — video, photo, podcasts and copywriting, and more.

We’ll create unique, creative content that targets your audience and tells your story correctly, in a unified brand voice, and manage the roll-out for you from start to finish.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? That’s because it is.

This is social media management that’s uncomplicated

It really couldn’t be easier. We’ll work with you to create a unique brand story, and then handle the planning, production, and posting.

You get quality social media content delivered through a simple, efficient process, with a team that can do it all for you. From video and photography, to design, podcasts, and more.

Watch what we do

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We’ll show you that creativity doesn’t need to be complicated.

We helped Sports Where I Am brand themselves online

We helped Sports Where I Am, an app for the traveling sports fan, brand themselves online through authentic content strategy and production across their online channels and app.

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Let Posterboy Media manage your social media for you.

Our strategic social media content packages deliver organic content across all your social media channels on an ongoing basis.

Get it now from just ​$2,500

$1,500 per month

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How we work with you.

We use a simple process to create quality content across all your channels.

Step 1 — Setting up.

We learn how your business works, and where you want to get to, so that we can explain what you do properly. We plan your creative strategy and develop your online identity for you.

Step 2 — Execution.

Then, we get to creating. Whether it’s filming, designing, or photographing, we do whatever’s needed to deliver the creative content for your social media strategy.

Take the headache out of your social media management

At Posterboy Media, we’ll take care of your strategic digital marketing for you. We partner with you as your social media content agency to create unique, engaging brand content for your social platforms, and then manage the roll-out for you. We’ll do the socials, so you can get back to doing ​your j​ob.

Get in touch with us today, and uncomplicate your social media management.

Who we are.

Three men of Posterboy Media keeping it real in the creative world

Posterboy Media is a creative content and video production agency based in Melbourne. We help businesses communicate with their audiences easily and creatively, and produce high-quality creative content that moves your audience along their journey.

We do this through video content, photography, podcasts, design & animation, and social media management.

We create for a range of fantastic clients, large and small.

See what we’ve done for these satisfied clients.

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Consider the following statements: first impressions matter; carving an image/brand/reputation is important; it doesn’t matter what you know – all that matters is what and how you communicate it. If these statements resonate with you, then you’ll understand the importance of quality content – content that communicates your message well. If not, then perhaps we’re not the right agency for you.

Videos, photography, animations, copywriting, podcasts, design, landing pages, and much more – use it for your website, digital marketing campaigns, ecommerce store, training, education, grants and tenders, blogs and more.

We will develop a social media content strategy for you based on what your business does well and how you want to present yourself. From there, we’ll schedule the messaging, create the content (video/photos/copywriting) and then get to posting. You’ll get reports letting you know how it’s going and we’ll review the strategy periodically to make sure you’re being presented the best way possible.

Of course. You’ll have access to your social media schedule as well as regular meetings with your producer who you’ll be able to discuss any concerns with or make any adjustments.

No! We hate lock-in contracts. If you’re not happy with any part of our service (crying emoji), you are free to end your agreement with us at any stage. It’s worth noting that the first month is spent researching, planning and setting up the strategy so if you’re looking to assess output then it’s best to wait until months 2-3 onward.

Yes absolutely – we can help develop a strategy that yields the greatest ROI possible for your content via Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services. Get your great content in front of the right eyes.