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Why is quality content so important?

Consider the following statements: first impressions matter; carving an image/brand/reputation is important; it doesn’t matter what you know – all that matters is what and how you communicate it. If these statements resonate with you, then you’ll understand the importance of quality content – content that communicates your message well. If not, then perhaps we’re not the right agency for you.

What kind of content can Posterboy create?

Videos, photography, animations, copywriting, podcasts, design, landing pages, and much more – use it for your website, digital marketing campaigns, ecommerce store, training, education, grants and tenders, blogs and more.

How can I work with Posterboy?

We can help you with individual pieces of content designed to meet a specific goal, or we can help develop your entire content strategy – what you look, sound and feel like online via your website and socials.

Can you help me with my social media?

Yes – once we’ve developed a content strategy for you, we can apply this anywhere, including social media. We can manage your social media platforms, including content creation, managing accounts, writing and scheduling of posts. Find out more here

Can you help me with my digital marketing?

Yes absolutely – we can help develop a strategy that yields the greatest ROI possible for your content via Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services. Get your great content in front of the right eyes.

How long should my video be?

This is entirely dependent on the platform, how people will be watching and what you’re trying to say. If you’re creating informative content that shows people how to use your software, this is going to be a much longer video than a piece of content that seeks to grab attention on TikTok. As creators, we believe that a video’s length should be determined by how long it remains interesting to your audience – that’s always a good place to start.

Is this a lock-in contract for a period of time?

No! We hate lock-in contracts. If you’re not happy with any part of our service (crying emoji), you are free to end your agreement with us at any stage. It’s worth noting that the first month is spent researching, planning and setting up the strategy so if you’re looking to assess output then it’s best to wait until months 2-3 onward.