Yoshi Fixes Cameras nominated at the 2021 Melbourne Short Film Festival

Ro Mukerjea

Ro Mukerjea

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Yoshi Fixes Cameras

Yoshi Fixes Cameras, a short film documentary directed and produced by Posterboy’s own Hayden Bevis, has been made an official selection at the 2021 Melbourne Short Film Festival, following its Best International Director nomination at the 2021 Oregon Documentary Film Festival.

Yoshi Fixes Cameras is the story of a camera repairman and the love of analogue photography:


Hiroyoshi Nagami is a camera repairman. Working out of a small workshop at his home in outer Melbourne, Yoshi is one of the few remaining film camera servicemen left in the industry. After surviving the digital revolution in the early 2000’s, it has now come time for Yoshi to hang up his mini-screwdrivers, despite being busier than ever, due to a revival in people using analogue film cameras.


Due to COVID, the Melbourne Short Film Festival will be screening exclusively online this year – you can watch the whole festival this weekend via Filmpixs. 


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