Video Production Melbourne

Get professional video content that captivates your audience.

Video delivers immersive, engaging, bite-sized snippets of your brand’s story, packaged and delivered directly to your audience.

Our eyes are drawn to movement. We crave colour, action, and excitement. Video content achieves this for you.

video production melbourne

Professional, creative video content is your business’ chance to showcase your products and personality, in a way that keeps your audience interested.

Posterboy Media is a video content marketing agency Melbourne that keeps things simple. We help you to create short, sharp, digestible videos that tell your story, promote your products, and grow your brand.

This is video production that’s uncomplicated.

Video is a simple way to create a connection with your audience.

You’re telling them a story and bringing your brand to life right before their eyes.

Whether it’s front and centre on your website or updated to your Instagram or Facebook, professional video helps you go beyond simply existing as an online presence.

It lets you deliver engaging, exciting, and emotive content that speaks to your audience and customers in a way that they understand.

There’s a lot that goes into creating video content — that’s where we come in. We don’t just help you shoot your content. We manage the whole process for you.

Western Bulldogs

How our video production services helped get more members.

We put together a creative suite of video content for the AFL’s Western Bulldogs that helped them engage their existing membership base and increase new member numbers. Watch the case study to find out how.

How our video content production in Melbourne works.

We’re a Melbourne video content marketing agency that makes it easy to bring your brand story to life. Here’s the simple process we use to create quality videos that you can roll out across all your channels.

Step 1

We get to know and understand your business, your brand, and your audience, so we can tell your story the right way.

Step 2

We work out how to present your story and content in a way that’s absolutely, authentically you. We plan what to say, how to say it, and how to shoot it.

Step 3

We get to work directing, filming, and editing your video content. We then deliver it to you in one simple, complete package. We’ll even schedule the roll-out to your website and socials for you.

Engage your audience directly with clear, creative video content.

We make it easy to get quality video content for your brand, and bring your story to life in a way that only video can achieve.

Get in touch with us to see how video content can help you grow your business.


You should choose us because we understand how to make great, simple videos that are purposefully designed for every stage of your customer’s journey. Whether it’s a prospect first finding out about you, or needing that last bit of social proof to get across the line, we’ve got well thought out formats and processes to deliver amazing results at amazing price points. It’s creative video content with a marketing lens.

We’re experts in a range of video communication styles, whether you have a specific brief, or whether you need videos that serve as sales pitches, product features, case studies, testimonials, instructionals, event highlights and more. These can all be created in a range of styles including live action, animation, motion graphics and more. It all depends on what’s required for your project and communication style.

We have a range of effective video formats suitable for any budget and requirement, starting from $2k and going up from there based on level required. We pride ourselves on having something for businesses of all sizes. We also offer volume pricing and discounts for projects with multiple pieces of content.

Yes absolutely – we have a load of great examples over on our featured work page.

We break down our process into 3 distinct stages:

1. Pre-production & Planning, 2. Production, 3. Feedback & Approvals.

The most important stage is the Pre-production & Planning stage – doing this properly will ensure production requirements are clear and efficient, and will ensure the feedback & approvals process is smooth.

Typically, we work to a 2-4 week timeline as a starting point for projects, however this is influenced by the type of video and your own timelines. Sometimes this takes longer, and sometimes we can turn around videos in a matter of days. We’ll always give you a firm timeline and checkpoints before we get started.

We’ve worked with a range of fantastic clients from industries such as education, health, government, technology, construction and more. Some of the brands we’ve made video content for include Monash University, Western Bulldogs, the ABC, Lantrak and Diabetes Victoria.

This is entirely dependent on what you’re trying to communicate, how people will be watching and the platform. Let this guide you and let the length of your video reflect the length of ‘conversation’ you’re trying to have. For example, if you’re making a video that’s meant to serve as an ‘elevator pitch’ of your business, then make it elevator pitch length! Cut out all the unnecessary parts that don’t serve this.

All music we use is cleared and licensed. We source royalty-free music from music libraries, well known songs from licensing and publishing services, or can custom make something for your project – depending on your budget.

We include a round of revisions and changes on each and every video project so we can make sure that everything turns out just the way you want it.

We provide English caption files (.srt and .vtt) as standard on all video projects. We can also provide foreign language subtitles, dubbing, voiceover, and translations via close partner agencies. Identifying this requirement early in your project is essential.

We can provide you with custom thumbnails, full video text transcripts, social media friendly dimensions and snippets as well as copywriting blogs and articles around your video that you can use on your website.

All of our quotes and proposals spell out exactly what we’ll do for you along with costing as we want you to be sure you’re making the right decision. Drop us a line to request a proposal for your next project.

In addition to video, Posterboy produces podcasts, photography, copywriting and design. Get in touch to find out more.

Yes – we can get the content  we make up on your social media platforms via a social media management package. Our service includes content creation, caption writing and scheduling of posts.

Who we are.

Three men of Posterboy Media keeping it real in the creative world

Posterboy Media is a creative content and video production agency based in Melbourne. We help businesses communicate with their audiences easily and creatively, and produce high-quality creative content that moves your audience along their journey.

We do this through video content, photography, podcasts, design & animation, and social media management.

We create for a range of fantastic clients, large and small.

See what we’ve done for these satisfied clients. Get in touch now to learn more about our Video Production Melbourne services.

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