Sports Where I Am

We helped Sports Where I Am
brand themselves online.

Full packed football stadium featured in Sports Where I am App for all the travelling sports fan

We helped Sports Where I Am, an app for the traveling sports fan, brand themselves online through authentic content strategy and production across their online channels and app.


Meet Ro Mukerjea our Managing Director of Posterboy Media
Ro Mukerjea

Managing Director

We first met the Sports Where I Am team early in their journey. Their vision to create an app that enhances the traveling sports fan’s experience resonated with us had a lot of scope for great content. Over the life of our partnership with Sports Where I Am, we’ve helped hone down, simplify and craft their content strategy – how they should appear online, what areas of content to focus on, and, as is required for many startups, how to be really clever with your content budget.

Our work has seen us create a complete web series (The USA Sports Tour), tips videos to sit within the app, branded content featuring Brand Ambassador Nick Riewoldt, and much more.

It’s this kind of work that is really satisfying – helping build a brand from the ground up, understanding what their identity is, and then bringing this to life through the work we do.

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