A Posterboy Podcast

Pitch Bleak.

A True Creative Crime Podcast

We’ve all heard the stories of how our favourite books, TV shows, movies, and albums got made.

But what about the ones that didn’t make it?

As much as we love a good success story, it’s when everything goes off the rails that really interest us.

If you can’t tear your eyes (or ears) away from a trainwreck, then you’re going to love Pitch Bleak, the new podcast series from the team at Posterboy Media.

From the bottom drawer scripts that were criminally ignored, to the TV productions that were butchered in front of their eyes, join our very own Hayden Bevis and screenwriter Chris Kennett as they dive into the creative ideas that went wrong. The ideas that had promise, but got pulled into a dark alley and beaten with a sock full of change before they could even see the light of day.

Tune in each week as they sit down with a special guest to dissect what happened to their creative vision: the gory details, the heartache, and if anything, what could have saved them.

And, importantly, how our heroes bounce back.

From the multicultural TV comedy project from two Aussie rappers that simply disappeared; to Em Rusciano, with a big idea pitch that could have been saved by a single conversation—and how it crumbled apart right in front of her eyes. 

Or our deep dive with Rove McManus, and how he dealt with the trauma of his office burning down while at the same time managing the rejection for a new sketch show—and what he did next—these are un-success stories that aren’t for the faint-hearted.

Delve into our first investigation with some of Australia’s brightest creatives, as they raise the curtain on their true creative crimes and uncover the disaster stories that stopped these wondrous works from being made at all.

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