MSB Form

We helped MSB Form
establish their identity.

MSB Form construction worker establishing their brand online presence in the construction space

We helped MSB Form establish their online identity and present themselves as a true innovator in the concrete construction space. The company was founded by concreters who devised an innovative way to lay concrete foundation slabs. Since MSB Form’s inception, Posterboy has produced and handled all of their content online, appearing across social media and their website and helping lift the company from a local start up to an international brand.


Meet Ro Mukerjea our Managing Director of Posterboy Media
Ro Mukerjea

Managing Director

We met the guys behind MSB Form very early on in their journey. They had developed this groundbreaking product, and now the challenge was communicating this to an audience. To their credit, they recognized early on that well-produced content can really establish and lift a brand to new heights.

Over many discussions, we were able to get a really strong understanding of the product and the market, and ultimately identify a strategy to move forward with. By focusing on what makes them unique, and making that central to every piece of content produced, we were able to not only produce high quality content, but content that represented their brand authentically.

To this day we still manage all of MSB Form’s content and it’s been an amazingly rewarding experience to play a role in this company’s growth and see them expand their footprint worldwide.

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