Monash University

We helped Monash University
celebrate their people.

Capturing moments with Monash University alumni as part of authentic footage to celebrate their people

We helped Monash University celebrate their diverse community of alumni within the Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences faculty. By painting a picture of how each graduate’s experience has carried through in their careers, we sought to inspire the Monash community and wider public.


Meet Ro Mukerjea our Managing Director of Posterboy Media
Ro Mukerjea

Managing Director

This project spawned from an idea we were able to trial in the studio, and then bring to life by shadowing each alum for a day to capture real, authentic footage. Gaining access to their day-to-day was challenging, both due to their profile but also sensitivities with patients and privacy, but in the end, it was worth it simply for better footage.

Sometimes you go in with a plan to follow someone around for a day to capture footage, but at the last minute this changes to an hour of their time – this is often part of the process for these kinds of projects and you really have to be agile to make it work. I think the key is to keep the vision and end-result in mind so you’re always moving in that direction.

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