We helped Lantrak document
their biggest project

Doosan bulldozer showing Lantrak in action

We helped Lantrak document their biggest project to date – the mammoth grade separation project as part of the Victorian Government’s Level Crossing Removal project. We delivered a video case study that presented Lantrak as the key player in their industry.


Meet Ro Mukerjea our Managing Director of Posterboy Media
Ro Mukerjea

Managing Director

When we were first brought on board for this project, Dom was clear that he wanted to somehow document Lantrak’s role as part of the VIC Government’s Level Crossing Removal project – one of the largest infrastructure projects in the state’s history. Ok, removing level crossings – that was clear. But one question I’d never actually asked myself was where does all that earthwork dirt go after they dig it up? It’s actually a massive undertaking and was in fact Lantrak’s largest project to date – by far. So it only made sense that Dom and the Lantrak team wanted to capture it on film.

Peeling back the layers on this story was fascinating and really provided perspective on how enormous some of these infrastructure projects are – a peripheral service like ‘moving the dirt’ is still an enormous operation that employs hundreds of people around the clock.

Our approach was to produce an in-depth, quality case study to prove Lantrak’s capabilities and better educate their audience about what they really do. Video case studies, when done well, can really run the gamut of being entertaining pieces of content, sales tools, and brand-building exercises.

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