We helped Acclaim
showcase emerging talent.

Acclaim All Stars 2022

We helped publisher Acclaim showcase emerging music talent from all over Australia as part of their annual Acclaim All-Stars initiative. Acclaim All-Stars is a publicly voted celebration of homegrown talent in the hiphop and r&b sphere. Through high quality performance and interview content, we sought to highlight the winning artists’ talent and showcase them at an international, world-class standard.


Meet Ro Mukerjea our Managing Director of Posterboy Media
Ro Mukerjea

Managing Director

When we were approached with this brief, we knew we wanted to deliver it at a level that would sit alongside the concepts it was inspired by (BET Cyphers, for example). We assembled a team of experts, placing an emphasis on capturing performance and ensuring that audio was recorded and treated like a studio recording. As someone who plied their trade for many years in the music industry, I understood the power of presenting the artists in the best light and on par with more established local and international counterparts.

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Director & DOP: Hayden Bevis

Camera Operators: Fabio Capodivento, Kerry Glennon

Sound Recordist: Dave Chakman

Producer: Ro Mukerjea

Editor: Hayden Bevis

Sound Mix: Ro Mukerjea