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We helped FITkids take their kids
fitness classes online.

2 boys and a trainer means fun workout at FITkids

We helped FITkids take their kids fitness classes online in a unique way during a 2020 that demanded outside-the-box thinking.


Meet Hayden Bevis our Creative Director of Posterboy Media
Hayden Bevis

Creative Director

2020 was a strange year, but one of the silver linings to come from it was the ability to work on our business. 

Posterboy had been knocking out a lot of traditional video formats prior to the pandemic but with the extra time available to us, we were able to explore some new concepts and put a creative spin on some old formats.

One of the newer concepts we had a look at was 360-video.   

360 video isn’t new tech, it’s been around for a few years but we wanted to look at it in a new way.

Whilst we were at home, we saw a lot of gyms and fitness businesses move their services online which meant a lot of fitness videos popped up all over social media.

Personally, the follow-along fitness videos that were most common, didn’t suit the way I like to exercise. I like to almost shut-off and go about my routine. The follow-along style videos needed my full attention and to keep up with the instructor.

I was looking for a style of fitness circuit video that I could look at, understand the exercise and go about it at my own pace with the ability to refer back to an exercise when I needed to.

That’s when we started looking at the potential of a 360 video. It gives you a lot more screen real-estate, so you can put a lot of information into this one piece of content PLUS it gives the user more control, meaning people like me can decide how they want to interact with that information.

Coincidentally, one of our clients, FitKids was also moving their services online. We pitched the idea to trial a 360 circuit video as part of their FitKids service. Using their fitness know-how and customers as a tester to see if this idea worked and it did!

We are looking now to develop the idea further and integrate 360 videos into our product range, it’s a great interactive content style that offers the end-user a level of control not available in other formats.

Watch the case study above to see how we used 360 videos in conjunction with FitKids to help bring their online classes to life.

Cheers, Hayden

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